Monday, 4 April 2016

Monday Moods: Coffee Mugs!


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know of my love for coffee and my motley collection of coffee mugs. 
I firmly believe that if you love something you should enjoy it in the best way possible. 
I love coffee and I see no reason in not indulging myself in pretty mugs that just enhance my coffee drinking experience. 
Coffee mugs are some of my favourite things to buy for my home. 
I love drinking my morning cup of coffee out of a pretty mug.
It just makes me mornings a little bit brighter. 

Here are some of my favourite mugs from recent times. 

1. Elephant Boho Mug from Westside. 
So in love with this mug. 
Love the colours and the darling little elephants on it. 

2. This one is from Westside too. 
I've had it for a while now, 4 years or so. I love it, the simple print and colours. 

3. This is a new love of mine from Good Earth. 
It's technically a soup mug but I want to use it all the time and I am not the world's biggest soup drinker! :) 

4. This is technically not a mug..well it's obviously not a mug. 
It's  a tumbler from Chumbak.
I use it for iced-drinks and to stare at these cute cats! :) 

5. A traditional Indian kullad. Also from Westside, this post does seem to have a theme. 
I use this to drink juice. I prefer my chai and coffee in bigger mugs. 
I love the print on this kullad.

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