Saturday, 30 April 2016

Book Haul/// Books from Cambridge Book Depot, Mussoorie. Signed Ruskin Bond Books! :)


This might be the happiest book haul I've shared on this blog. 
I didn't intend to buy any books on my recent trip.
We had one suitcase and honestly no room to carry extras back with us. 
But my sister first came across The Cambridge Book Depot while out on work. She went in and picked up three books, all Ruskin Bond, all signed :) 
She also spoke to the kind owner of the place and left one of my books to get signed by Mr. Bond. :)
I had carried two of my Ruskin Bond books to maybe get signed but mostly so I could read them while I was on holiday. :) 

I went to Mussoorie 2 days later and bought all of these books :)
All of the Ruskin Bond books are signed and so special.
I also wanted to pick up some other local writer- I choose Stephen Alter and picked up 2 of his books as well. 
I highly recommend stopping by this bookshop. It is full of books and it simply a delightful place to spend time. Plus signed copies!
And every Saturday Ruskin Bond himself visits the shop and you can meet him and get books signed. I was flying out on Saturday and couldn't meet him. :( 
Hopefully next time! 

Let's jump into the haul now..It's long post so get comfortable and maybe get a beverage! 

All of my precious Signed copies of Ruskin Bond books! 
So lovely! 
I'll cherish these books forever! 
Books Bought: 

A Long Walk for Bina
Favourite Ghost Stories from Around the World 
Time Stops at Shamli
The Room on the Roof 
A Book of Simple Living 
A Gathering of Friends 
The Writer from The Hills 
Friends in Wild Places

I also got these 2 Tinkle Double Digests. 
It isn't summer holidays without reading these delightful comics. 

Two of the Stephen Alter books I got..
The Rataban Betrayal
The Secret Sanctuary. 

I am so in love with these books! 

They make me so happy! 

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