Thursday, 28 April 2016

Travel Diary: Landour, Mussoorie; Day- 1.


This is day 1 of my travel adventure to Landour and Mussoorie. 

Our day began early for our flight at 11:50 am. Since Mumbai traffic can be insane, we left home at 7:30 am!
Got to the airport by 8:20 am and after long lines at check-in counters and security check, we were done and ready by 8:45 am or so. 

It was a bit of a wait for our flight.
Luckily we were at T2 and there was plenty to see and plenty to eat and plenty quiet spots to sit and chill.
My sister was busy working on her laptop. 
I walked around and saw some shops- bought my sister a notebook from Accessorize.
We ate at a place called Fresco's.
And then it was time for our flight.
We both got window seats and read and listened to music on our 2 1/5 hour flight. 

Finally, we arrived in Dehradoon.

And then it was a lovely long drive to Landour. 

An obligatory wing shot! Somewhere over the coast, soon after our flight took off. 

Terminal 2 is seriously pretty. 

Reading on the flight.
Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard.
It was so OK. 
Sorta ultimately a disappointment. 

I won't lie the name drew me in.
We got some cold coffee from here and it was pretty decent. 

My bags on this trip.
My trusty Fossil Sydney Satchel and my floral pink backpack from Shaun Design.
They held all of my in-flight essentials. 

Airport scenes/// Me on my Kindle and drinking some delicious Watermelon juice.
While my sister maniacally worked on a presentation. 

We arrived! 

Scenes and beauty from our drive.
I didn't want to blink for the fear of missing out on the beauty all around me.

A viewpoint.

The Landour Language School- a place where, mostly, expats come to learn Hindi, Urdu, Nepalese and so on. This used to be a church at some point. 

We made it to our hotel- The Rokeby Manor at nearly 4:00 PM.
We were met by gorgeous views and a lush garden.
And of course steaming cups of coffee.
We were staying in the Moon & Stars room and it was cosy and rustic and lovely. 

The sit out area in the Tea Garden. 

Daisies aplenty. 

Coffee! :) 

Our very comfy bed. 

One of the walls was covered in this magnificent artwork. So soothing. 

Once we got to Rokeby, we checked in, ordered coffee, walked around the property and took in the beautiful views and just chilled.
We were too tired to do anything else. 
We ordered room service for dinner and made plans for the next day. 

It was a long but lovely day! 
It was so nice to be in the mountains and in cold weather. 


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Pragadeesh said...

Looks so lovely, will surely visit the place someday. Thanks for the post.