Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday Favourites: Piggy Bookmark + Tea + Kurta + Socks + Coffee Shop!

1. Piggy Pigloo Bookmark/// I am in love, in love with this delightful bookmark from Haathi Chaap. It's made from recycled Elephant Poo. I've had loads from things from them over the years and this newest addition. So freaking cute! 

2. Summer Style/// Come summer and all I want to wear is cotton, muslin and easy breathable fabrics. I wore this very orange and yellow soothing number this week. I wore some of my favourite silver jewellery to accompany the kurta. 
Kurta- Fabindia 
Rings- Bangalore 

3. Dachshund Socks from Forever 21/// Got these babies yesterday and I am in love.
I have a thing for socks. I can never resist a cute and quirky pair of socks. 

4. Peach Ice-Tea + Mason Jar/// I've been loving making my own ice-tea this summer. I brew a large batch of tea in the morning, cool it down and put it in the fridge. And for the rest of the day I have delicious tea on hand. :) 

5. Reading and Journaling in Coffee Shops/// This has got to be a lifelong favourite. 
A cozy and hopefully not too loud coffee shop, a good book to sink my teeth in and a journal to jot down thoughts. 
My idea of heaven. 
And of course delicious coffee. 

Hope your Friday has been nice and have a lovely weekend ahead. 


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