Thursday, 12 May 2016

Travel Diary/// Landour Bakehouse, Sister's Bazaar, Landour, Mussoorie.

On my second day in Landour. 
I went into this delightful little bakery that is owned by the same folks of Rokeby Manor- the place we stayed at. 
We shopped for jams and peanut butter at Prakash's General Store and then we stopped for a little coffee and cake here. 
It was all so good.
The food.
The coffee.
And even the custard was delectable.
The view and the atmosphere was also fantastic. 

Do stop by if you find yourselves in the vicinity. 

I had an old school and nostalgic favourite-- caramel custard. 

The outside. 

How adorable is this little guy? 

The simple but delightful interiors. 

The view from where we sat. 
Trees for miles! 

Apart from the custard, I got an iced coffee which was so good.
My sister got an Affogato and a slice of a simple butter cake. 

It was a good spot to relax, get come food and talk and make plans. 


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