Friday, 6 May 2016

Travel Diary: The Little Llama Cafe, Mussoorie.


Instead of doing a full recap of my 3rd day of holiday, I want to share a little delightful cafe I had lunch at in Mussoorie. 
The Little Llama Cafe.
Which boasts of spectacular views of the hills and of some delicious food and drink. 

Here are some pictures I snapped while there...I gobbled up my food and so there's no picture of it. 
But all the food we had was lovely. 
I had Fish & Chips.
My sister had a Chorizo Hot Dog.
We also had some Momos, which were so good! 

I highly recommend you go here if you ever find yourself in Mussoorie. 

Some delicious Lemon Ice-Tea (for me) & A Mixed Berry Smoothie for my sister. 
They were both so good! 

My trusty pink backpack! 

Ice-tea plus that view! 

View, glorious view! 

I had an iced-coffee, I can seldom resist coffee and it was a warm day and I had come here right after a bit of a hike. The cold coffee was delicious too! 


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