Saturday, 14 May 2016

Mini- Book Haul/// Classics!


This might be the shortest book haul in the history of this blog! 
Believe it or not I am not quite feeling the insane urge to buy books. Not at this moment. 
These books arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. 
My sister was getting a few things on Amazon and asked if I wanted some books.
I had these two sitting in the cart and got them.
These Rupa editions of Classic Short Stories are so beautiful.
Simple and elegant and so affordable too.
Quite lovely! 
They have so many authors to choose from.
I started with these and might get a few more as time goes by. 

Aren't these gorgeous? 

I started with D.H Lawrence and Honore De Balzac since I haven't read anything from these authors before and it seemed like a good place to  start. 

I am excited to read these books. 

Another little book mail I had recently, last week is Ambushed by Nayanika Mahtani.

The author got in touch with me soon after I came back from Landour and seeing how much I loved Ruskin Bond and Landour, she thought I'd like her book set in the jungles in the foothills of the Himalayas. 

I started reading this book this morning and I am really enjoying it. 
It's about summer holidays, adventure, travel, making friends in unexpected places and Tiger Conservation. It's such good fun and I'll do a proper review once I done with it. 

Have a great weekend folks. 

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