Saturday, 7 May 2016

Review: A Long Walk for Bina by Ruskin Bond.

Book: A Long Walk for Bina

Author: Ruskin Bond

Illustrator: Lavanya Naidu

Pages: 63

Read On: Paperback

How Long it Took Me To Read: A couple of hours.

Plot Summary: When Bina shifts to a school in Nauti, which is a long way from Koli, her village, she must daily cross the mountain, the river and walk through the jungle to get there. She is accompanied by Prakash, a boisterous twelve year old and Sonu, her excitable younger brother. Together, they have many adventures, from helping old Mr. Mani save his Potatoes from porcupines to visiting the town of Tehri and from escaping a landslide to encountering a leopard in the jungle. A touching and warm story by Ruskin Bond, this beautifully illustrated book showcases life in the hills and the wonders of friendship and bravery.

General Thoughts: This is one of the signed copies I picked up from The Cambridge Book Depot.
I feel in love with the premise and the beautiful illustrations in this book.

Things I Liked: 

1. Ruskin Bond's writing is exquisite as always. Comforting, soothing and just like a big hug.

2. The illustrations, all of them were absolutely darling. And went so perfectly with this tale and made my reading experience so pleasurable.

3. The book apart from being a simple story of childhood and life in the hills, also talked about an important issue of building dams and the subsequent displacement of local life. It did so in such a wonderful and non-controversial way, I really loved it.

4. The people in this book are just....perfect little humans! I loved all of them! Simple, sweet and kind people.

5. There is so much humour and joy in these pages.

6. The life in the hills is captured perfectly in this book. And not just the beauty and serenity of the hills but also how hard life can be. The long walks to basic amenities and weather related problems are all captured in this book.

7. This was such a sweet, short and easy and happy read. The perfect summer read if you ask me. Goes well with  a cup of tea and some cookies!

8. Give this to a child in your life. They will love it.

9. Give it to an adult in your life or get it yourself, you'll love it too!

10. I loved my time with this book. Really loved every single page, the characters, the setting...everything was perfect!

Rating: 5/5 

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