Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Monthly Favourites/// March + April 2016.


 March is long gone and yet I never did mention my monthly Favourites on the blog! 
I honestly don't even know why?! 
So this time around you get a combined list of all the things I've loved best in the last two months. 

So let's get started since this is might be a long list! 

1. The Fossil Sydney Satchel// Oh boy! I am so in love with this darling little bag of mine. I love it so much! 
I bought it on the 1st of March and I have wanted it for sooooooo long. I am so glad finally have it in my life. 
Love it to bits! 

2. Good Earth Mugs/// I am a big believer in drinking my coffee out of beautiful mugs. And these Good Earth mugs are a thing of joy.
Simply and beautiful and just the sight of them makes me so happy. 

3. Favourite Book- Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys/// Hands down one of the best thing I've read all year long. Love it so much. And I highly recommend it. 

4. Paper Geek Pens/// This has been the year that I've fallen in love with black ink. I have been more inclined towards coloured inks in the past, but this year I've been favouring the sedate but classic black ink for planning, journaling and writing. 
These slim gel pens from Paper Geek are just some of the best ones I've used ever. Smooth and simply a delight to write with. 

5. Kaweco Sport Mini Ink Pen//My sister bought a mint coloured one of these last month and wanted me to have one too! 
So sweet! 
She surprised me with a pink version for me around Nobo Borsho and I love it. 
You can find these on Flipkart. 

6. MAC Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow Palette/// I have had my eye on this beauty fro six months now. But it was always sold out in the various MAC stores I went to. Till finally, I found it in the Kurla Phoenix Mills Mall. I got it! And I love it so much. The colours are so wearable and MAC's quality is outstanding as always. 

7. Landour/// I can't express in words how much I loved my 5 day trip to the hills. 
Landour was paradise and I feel so grateful that I got to spend this time just relaxing and seeing nature in all it's splendour. I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to go back! 

8. Vans/// I got my first pair of Vans right before my holiday and I love them. I have a few pairs of Converses and while I do like them, I think Vans are so much lighter and easier to wear and great for long walks. 
I got a Bandana inspired pair in pink, because why not?! 
I got them for nearly 60-70% off on Amazon. Such a great deal. 

9. Journaling/// I love journaling all year around and have loved it for a good many years. But lately, in the last few months my love for journaling and making my journal as aesthetically pleasing as possible has grown in leaps and bounds. 
I have loved sticking ephemera of all kinds in it's pages, such a good way to remember my year. 

10. Ruskin Bond Books/// I bought like 10 or so Ruskin Bond books from Mussoorie and all of them were signed copies, which is just amazing and so special. 
I'll cherish these books forever! 

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