Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Travel Diary: Landour Day- 3, Dhanolti Eco Park.

Day 3 in Landour began with delicious coffee and fantastic views. 
A cozy breakfast nook at Rokeby Manor.

Hike Trails. 

Reading Ruskin Bond in the woods! 

Shades of pink.
My floral backpack and my pink Vans. 

Day 3 was spent in Dhanolti Eco Park, a beautiful hiking trial/ woods. 
I loved my time here. I walked and hiked and took a million pictures and took deep breaths to just soak up the clean air. 
It was blissful being surrounded by nature and trees and just so much greenery. 

Even the drive up and down to Dhanolti was splendid. And I especially loved seeing kids on their way to school. Seriously children in the hills walk such distances to go to school. And I thought I had it bad walking to school in the Bombay rains. 

This was yet another lovely day in the hills! 


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