Sunday, 14 October 2018

Durga Pujo 2018: Panchami--- Parar Pandal (My Neighbourhood Pujo)

The theme of my parar Pujo is Maa Durga comes to Kamarpukur- the home of  Shri Ramkrishno and Sharada Maa. 

Panchami in my small town is slower than it's big city sisters. For  example, Kolkata is already in the swing of  all things Pujo! Here things are just getting started. The pandals are up. The lights are mostly strung and lit. Just the last minute touch ups are in progress. 

I spent my day at home eating delicious food. 
Stepped out in the evening to my local Pujo Pandal while it was still being put together and snapped some pictures and prayed to Maa Durga. 

Then we (my Maa and my sister and I) took a little walk and went out for dinner. 

A slow and lovely start to Pujo. 


Hope you have a wonderful few days of Pujo too. 

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