Monday, 8 October 2018

Monday Moods: Haul/// Hand Painted Pouches+ Bookmarks from Joyeeta Joy Art.

Subho Mahalaya! 
Today marks the beginning of Durga Pujo. 
I hope you have a wonderful festive days and I hope Pujo is fantastic for you. 
I am so excited for Pujo in the hometown. 


Today I want to share a new love of mine. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me haul some beauties from Joyeeta.Joyart. She makes one of a kind art on bags, pouches and jewellery. Her stuff is deeply nostalgic and rooted in a very Bengali sensibility. Her art will move you and touch your heart especially if you belong to Kolkata or, like me, have deep feelings for the city. 

She hand paints each item and like I said before, it's all one of a kind. You can't get the same piece from her. She makes one piece in each style and believes that each person deserves a unique piece. 
Pretty cool! I highly, highly recommend you check out Joyeeta's art and try to get your hands on her one of kind beauties. I am so in love with everything we've got from her- a couple of tote bags, pouches and bookmarks. 
So brilliant!

My sister loves all things Birds. She is quite obsessed with birds. So when we saw this pouch we got it as soon as we could! 
I love the bright colours and the bird is delightfully chubby! 

Joba Phool. 
Ah! Things of beauty. 
How gorgeous! 
I am currently using this pouch as a way to hold all of my stationery items I've carried with my on vacation. It fits everything I need and is so well-made and of course gorgeous too. 

Here are the two bookmarks I recently got from her. 
So adorable. 

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