Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Durga Pujo 2018: Saptami-- A Very Special Pujo Pandal- Agrani , Patkata, Jalpaiguri.

As we were driving towards this Pujo pandal, all of us thought this was a very eco-friendly pandal made from coir or jute. 
Even as we were making our way in, we kept thinking how gorgeous this was and how coir could be turned into such a work of art.

It was only a little later, when we were already inside and my father struck up a conversation with one of the organisers that we discovered that this entire pandal and it's interior decorations were all made from peanut shells and some actual peanuts! 
To say that my mind was blown is an understatement! 

The organiser also told us that this entire enterprise took close to 8 months. 
8 months of the various artisans collecting peanuts and peanut shells and making turning it into these magnificent designs. 
The only fly in this ointment is BIRDS. Apparently, since early morning, ever since the pandal was unveiled, birds have been flocking to the pandal for a quick snack here and there. And the main job the organisers now had was to fight off birds! 
Poor things! 
The birds possibly think of this as a huge snacking opportunity they cannot miss. I hope they get to eat their fill once Pujo is over. 

Now some pictures of this beautiful Pujo. 

The protima in a fairly classic style. 

The inside of the pandals had various Gods and Goddesses all made out of peanut shells. 

Can you imagine the time and patience this must have taken!? 

It's no surprise that this Pujo has won several awards over the years. They seem to out do themselves each year. 

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