Monday, 1 October 2018

Hello October 2018 + Monthly Goals + Reading Goals.

Hello October! 

Hello Durga Pujo and 5 days of Festivity!!! 
Hello Lovely! 


 I am so excited for this month. 
Normally, October is not a favourite of mine, sure I love all sorts of spooky October/ Halloween vibes but October is one of the hottest months of the year in Bombay and one that I despise. I seriously do not enjoy melting in the October heat. 

But this time around I am not in Bombay and in the hometown for Pujo and I am so excited to immerse myself in all sorts of festive cheer. 


I am also so excited for all sorts of spookiness. While Halloween is no festival of mine but I sure do enjoy binging on horror films and scary books this time of the year. This year too I want to read as many thrillers as I can squeeze in this month. 


1. Read 10 books/// Reading takes a backseat when I am in the hometown, so I know this will be a slow reading month for me but I still want to read 10 books or so. 

2. Read Thrillers/// October has got to include some thrillers for sure! 

3. Travel/// Go out and explore. 
Head out to the hills. 
Do a few road-trips. 

4. Catch up with family. 

5. Take a ton of pictures. 

6. Watch some Bengali films. 


1. Read Bengali Books in the first half of the year in honour of being in Bengal and for Durga Pujo. 

2. Read thrillers in the second half.

3. Read a classic. 

Be Good October. 

Be Kind. 

Be Fun. 

Be Gentle. 


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