Monday, 15 October 2018

Durga Pujo 2018: Shashti--- Many Pretty Pandals.

Subho Shashti to you! 

Today was Maha Shashti and my small town was finally all geared up for Pujo! 
We headed out for some pandal hopping in the afternoon to avoid the crazy crowds. 
We pretty much had the pandals to ourselves and it was nice to have the time and space to pray in peace and click pictures to my heart's content. 

Here are some highlights of my day...

All dipped in gold. 

A nature themed Pujo pandal. 

So much work and effort goes into these pandals it's incredible! 

There is so much art present at these pandals too, it's a total treat. 

The new trend seems to be to have a little protimaa on the side. They are so cute! I loved seeing these tiny protimaas. 

Another example of a darling little protimaa. 

Some gorgeous art at a pandal. 
I wish they would sell these bits once Pujo was over. I'd get them all! 

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