Tuesday, 15 July 2014

General Whimsy: 50 Random Facts About Me.

I feel like I talk a lot about books and things and allied bookish things, but I don't really talk about me and that my readers don't know the girl behind the blog. I could either give you my life story...or I could give you a slight sense of who I am and give you 50 Random Facts about me.

So here we go....

1. I am an Indian girl who lives in Bombay, India. Officially, my city is called Mumbai but I refuse to call it that. Bombay is the city on my birth certificate and that is what I am calling it.

2. I hate early mornings, I am a total night owl. The later the better.

3. Coffee is my everything...well...maybe not everything but it plays a pretty significant part in my life.

4. In spite of my undying love for books and literature, I didn't major in English Lit. in college, I did study it till my second year of college but I chose to major in Psychology and followed that up with a Masters in Clinical Psychology.

5. I also have a Diploma in Journalism.

6. I loved studying!

7. I love animals. I want a Persian fluffy cat or a dog..a dachshund maybe? I have never ever had a pet. My parents both had loadsssss of pets growing-up and they didn't think a flat in Bombay was a good place to raise a dog.

8. I hate Maths. HATE it. I suck at it. My idea of hell involves endless solving of math problems.

9. Surprisingly though I did better in my Math portion of the GRE than the English portion. Weird!

10. I was born in February and it is my favourite month.

11. I am left-handed.

12. I am Bengali, meaning I come from West Bengal, but I do not read or write the language. But I speak it hella fluently.

13. If there was one book I'd recommend to anyone, it would The Harry Potter books. They are genius!

14. I love the rains. I think everything is better in the rains.

15. Winter is my favourite season.

16. I almost always have nail polish on.

17. FASHION is one of my passions...meaning I love all things clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes and allied fashions bits and bobs. And not to sound pompous I do have good taste in these things.

18. I am single and I like it.

19. I am not a big believer in marriage.

20. I am spiritual and believe in Karma.

21. I own over 700 books. :)

22. I am in love/lust/longing with Benedict Cumberbatch.

23. I am a pretty good cook.

24. I used to be a mad cricket fan. Like the kind who prayed before important matches and stuff but now I am so over it.

25. I love India and love living here...on most days.

26. I really wish my grandparents were still alive.

27. I love cleaning...tidying-up, dusting...I just love it all.

28. I can drive but don't....it freaks me out and I think I'll run someone over and spend the rest of my life in jail.

29. My mind can go from zero to catastrophe in a second. Even the most harmless situation can made into a life-threatening death-zone.

30. My hair was coloured red for half my college life. I kinda miss it.

31. Silver jewellery is my love.

32. My favourite scents are lavender, jasmine, mogra and rose.

33. I am secretly an old lady at heart.

34. I love art and colour and painting but I am not good at it. I wish more than anything else that I could draw and sketch and doodle well.

35. I like music but I don't loveeeeeeeeeee it. I go through phases where I need to listen to music all the time and then I sometimes go an entire month without even touching my iPod.

37. I haven't seen a movie in the movie theater in over a year...and I don't mind. I always end up next to a leg-shaker or some moron who kicks my seat in the row behind mine. Grrr! Nothing pisses me off more.

38. I can curse...crudely curse in 5 languages!

39. I love bags as much as I love books...well nearly as much as I love books.

40. When I am upset the only thing that works for me is to sleep. Once I wake up things usually get better. OR I go online and buy some books!

41. I LOVE TV shows and watch and love wayyyyyyyyy too many. My currents faves include: Criminal Minds, Sherlock, Law and Order: SVU, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, Homeland, PLL, Marvel Agents of Shield, New Girl and Orange is the New Black. These are the ones that are currently on air. Off-air I love: Friends, Sex and the City, Will&Grace, Gilmore Girls, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Poirot, Sienfeld...and I am sure a bunch more.

42. My perfect day would include: a lovely cup of coffee in the morning, reading in peace, a long drive, shopping, finding cute things in said shopping excursion, book-shops, finding lovely new books, good food, cake and a horror movie to end the night.

43. I love horror movies. A good scary movie will always, without a doubt cheer me up..make my day. Strangely enough, a horror book doesn't really do it for me. I read it, enjoy it...but it never really sticks with me or scares me enough.

44. I know it's not nice to judge but whenever I meet someone new, and they tell me they don't read..I automatically look at them a little differently. I think of them as somehow being...how do I say this nicely..fuck it...I think of them as lesser people. Let's be honest, we all judge people allll the time. I am sure people judge me for being a bookworm, so I can judge people for being non-readers. I really HATE people who hate on reading. People who say stupid things like 'reading is boring', seriously...go fuck yourself!

45. I love reading on my Kindle and on my iPad but nothing is as good as reading a good old physical book. When the Kindle first came out, I was all, "Hell no! Never doing that. Never cheating on real books. Never ever." But I have had my Kindle for 9 months and I am surprisingly OK with it.

46. I am rather klutzy. I slip on dry floors. I fall off my bed for no good reason and I sprain body parts just for fun...seriously though...it's not funny. I once fell in a movie theater and sprained my leg so bad, I was limping for months! Months! Also I dropped the awesome caramel popcorn I was holding and spilling Coke all over the floor. But the pain in my leg was the worst part...almost..the loss of the caramel popcorn was gutting too!

47. I come from a long-line of mad women...like funny mad. Not kill-you-in-your-sleep-mad. My mum and her grand-aunts are all silly, lovely, funny and hilarious women. We all laugh at the worst possible times- at solemn occasions, when visiting someone in the hospital...at a funeral.

48. I really want a tattoo. A couple of tattoos actually, most of them are words and one of them is Harry Potter related- I want to get Harry's lightening scar and 'Expecto Patronum' tattooed on my arm.

49. I am shy when I first meet people I am often awkward and quiet and people think I am bitchy. Some of my closest friends when they first met me thought I was a total bitch. I mean, I can be a total bitch but I am just shy most of the time. But if I've known you a while or I am comfortable with you...I don't shut up. Also, I hate talking on the phone and never, ever, ever call strangers. Like even ordering food on the phone is a pain for me and I always get my sister to do it for us. I really do not like calling people.

50. I love lists. I really love lists.

So there...50 things about me, as random as it gets! Tell me something random about you. And I hope this helps in you getting me know me better.

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