Sunday, 27 July 2014

Review: Sorta Like A Rockstar by Matthew Quick.

Book: Sorta Like A Rockstar

Author: Matthew Quick

Pages: 355

Read On: My Kindle

How Long It Took Me To Read: 3 hours or so with frequent breaks for laughing and crying.

Plot Summary: Amber Appleton lives in a bus. Ever since her mom's boyfriend kicked them out, Amber, her mom, and her totally loyal dog, Bobby Big Boy (aka Thrice B) have been camped out in the back of Hello Yellow (the school bus her mom drives). Still, Amber, the self-proclaimed princess of hope and girl of unyielding optimism, refuses to sweat the bad stuff. But when a fatal tragedy threatens Amber's optimism—and her way of life, can Amber continue to be the rock star of hope? With an oddball cast of characters, and a heartwarming, inspiring story, this novel unveils a beautifully beaten-up world of laughs, loyalty, and hard-earned hope.

General Thoughts: I got this book randomly because this sounded really good. The plot sounded interesting and I have heard only great things Matthew Quick's writing, I also have Silver lining's Playbook but haven't read it yet. But after having read this I am very curious to read the book as well. 

I am so glad I read this was perfect. Brilliant. Fantastic. 

Get ready for a rave review! 

Things I LOVED: 

1. The writing was fantastic. Really good,  engaging and the first person narrative seemed real and believable and true. 

2. The characters in this book, every single character in this book was just pure gold. Kind, loving, generous and heart-warming. I am a little sick of reading books about damaged, real, tortured people. Yes, sometimes there are unlikable people in the world but I am really sick of constantly reading about broken, damaged and flawed people. There are good people in the world and goodness. Why can't we have more books about good people? The people in this book were just gems. 

3. Amber especially was just wonderful. Hopeful, so full of love and hope, she is one of the most hopeful characters I've read in a long time. I loved her and cheered for her and wished her well. Even in the most miserable place in her life, she holds on hope. 

4. There was something so inspiring about this book. It made me want to be better and do better. 

5. Reading this book made me happy, so incredibly happy. I didn't want to read another book for a while, I wanted to stay in this world. 

6. There was a dog in this it needed another awesome thing! But a dog in a book is always a good thing be. 

Rating: 5/5 

This is such an amazing world. The end had me crying many, many happy tears. It really touched my heart. This is a wonderful read and I cannot recommend it enough. 

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