Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Book Haul: Books of June 2014, Part- IV.

The last of my June books. I got all of these books from Flipkart and I have already read 3 of them. And some of them I'll be reading next month for my all Indian books reading theme of August. 

A God in Every Stone by Kamila Shamsie, I've read two books by this author before and I really enjoyed them and can't wait to read this book. 
Twilight in Delhi- Ahmed Ali- no this is not a vampire book! It's about Delhi under the East India Company. 
Show Business- Shashi Tharoor, read and loved this, review coming soon. 
Fire on The Mountain- Anita Desai- can't wait to read more of Desai since I read a book by her for the first time in early June! 
Secrets by Ruskin Bond 
Blasphemy by Tahmeena Durrani, read and reviewed. 
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous 
Perfume by Patrick Suskind- isn't this cover just gorgeous?!!! 
Walden and Civil Disobedience by Henry  David Thoreau 
The Rose and The Yew Tree by Mary Westacott aka Agatha Christie- I am very curious to read a non-mystery book by Christie. I enjoy her writing immensely and think I will enjoy this book too, if I do indeed like it, I might rest of the books written under this pen name. 


I haven't bought any books (physical books) in July so far in. Today is the 7th and I have not bought one single book. Yay me...not that I am absolutely certain I won't buy any books in the rest of this month. But my dad is coming here to visit next week and I will make sure no book packages arrive while he is here. I am in no mood to hear him lecture me on my book hoarding habits. :) So maybe just maybe I might steer clear of book buying this month, which won't be a bad thing at all, given that I am rapidly running out of bookshelf space!  

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