Wednesday, 16 July 2014

General Whimsy: Book-Shelves/// Shelfies.

The moment you walk into my home, you'll know that this is the home of people that love books. Our home has always had shelves full of books. When I was younger the bookshelves held my parents favourite books- Bengali mostly- books by Tagore, Sharatchandra and others. 

As we grew-up, my sister and I started adding to the collection. 

Now we have our own growing-little library. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I have all these books. That they are mine to love and read and enjoy. Old favourites. New loves. Children's books. Classics. Indian books. Fiction. Non-fiction. Romance. Crime. Short-stories. Epic tales. All mine! 

My bookshelves are organised by me. I have my own system. I have a shelf of read books and shelves full of books we haven't read yet. I also tend to put my read books away. I can't abide rainbow shelves. Something about books decorated by the colour of their spine really irks me. Don't know just does. 

I like my mismatched bookshelves. I like old books mixed with brand new realeases.

I love my books. 

This post is random. But it's raining outside and I felt like writing a little love note to my books! 


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Unknown said...

I too had a lot of same books as you