Friday, 18 July 2014

Book Haul: Super-Sale Books.

I had nearly forgotten I had this bunch of books to haul. I bought all of these books during Flipkart's Clearance Sale. I got each of these books for 75% off! I couldn't say no to such a good deal. 

Most of these books I chanced upon the sale and they sounded interesting and I bought them. The House of Lost Souls though I've wanted for years..OK 2 yrs but it was always too expensive to buy but I got it for only Rs. 110 during the sale!!! Yay! 

Also the Granta was such a steal. Love it! 

Blood Rose- Margie Orford 
Britain Granta 
The House of Lost Souls- F.G. Cottam 
The Alchemist's Daughter- Katherine McMahon
Footsteps-  "
The Return of Captain John Emmett- Elizabeth Speller

Books for cheaper just make my day! :) 

Happy Reading guys :) 

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