Tuesday, 15 July 2014

E-Book Haul: July 2014 Edition.

I haven't bought any physical books in July. Yay me! But I have acquired some ebooks this month though. Some YA, some literary fiction and got some decent deals on them. So much cheaper than physical books, especially on newer releases. 

 Boy Snow Bird- Helen Oyeyemi, I have heard so many great things about this book and I can't wait to read it. 

Dear Killer- Katherine Ewell, a young girl who kills people...sounds awesome..to me at least! 

The Geography of You and Me- Jennifer E. Smith, two people in love, living apart from each other. 

The Interestings- Meg Wolitzer, this book I have wanted for so freaking long but a physical copy costs like Rs. 780 or there abouts. So settled for a ebook! This book sounds incredible and I am so kicked to read it. 

Still Waters- Emma Carlson Berne- alread read this...it was OK. 

The Humans- Matt Haig...sounds delightful. A dog talking about his humans. 

Unspoken- Sarah Rees Brennan..super-natural romance/adventure type book. Sounds fun! 

I feel so good about not buying physical books, my bookshelves are seriously running out of space and I love reading books I have owned for a while and reducing my unread books on my shelves. 

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