Saturday, 26 March 2016

Friday Favourites: Shop Love/// Good Earth.


Today's Friday Favourites is a Shop Love.
Good Earth is one of those shops that have always been on my radar.
Their aesthetic is sublime.
Stunning dinnerware and cutlery. 
Simple and classic styles. 

I went to the store a few days back and come back with four coffee mugs, some Kama Ayurveda things- a shampoo and a bottle of hair oil.

I looked around and just fell in love. Honestly, I pretty much wanted everything in the store. It was all so beautiful. 

Here are some shots of the shop and the things I loved...

Aren't these plates just gorgeous?! 
Almost too pretty to use. 

Mugs Galore! 

Now for the Things I bought..

Two sides of the same floral beauty. 
This mug is part of the Persian Garden collection. 

This is technically a soup mug.
But why only use it for the once in a blue moon soup drinking? 
When I can use it every single day for coffee chugging?! 
This is from the Firduas range.
So pretty! 

I might just get the matching dinner plates to go with this. 


Have a lovely weekend guys. 

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