Thursday, 17 March 2016

Book Haul/// Book of March 2016. Part- II. Books from Amazon.


I took an unexpected blog break this past week and for no real good reason. 
I didn't mean to stop blogging and take a break but it just happened. Long busy days just led to blogging slow down. 
But I am back now. 

So let's jump right back into it. 
I have been buying a few books this month and these books were all bought on Amazon at the start of the month. 
I've already read 2/7 books and will share my thoughts on them soon. 

Let's see what I've added to my bookshelves lately. 

Books Bought..

Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith--- I want to read some Ali Smith. I have The Accidental sitting on my shelves but I haven't gotten to it yet. This one seems like a shorter and good place to start. 

The Way Home A collection of Bengali Short Fiction 

Matchbox by Ashapurna Debi 

Boats on Land by Janice Parihat 

Ships that Pass by Shashi Deshpande--- already read and enjoyed this novella. 

Strangers to Ourselves by Shashi Deshpande 

Ghosts  of Kingdom Past by Harsho--- read this one too, a graphic novel about ghosts and hauntings. Decent coming soon. 

I am excited about all my new books and can't wait to delve into them. 


Happy Reading guys :) 

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