Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hello March 2016!

Hello March! 

You've come around soon, haven't you? 

My March is off to a good start. 

1st March is my Maa's birthday and since she isn't here with me, the sister and I, decided to celebrate her birthday in our own way. She told us to go out and have cake. 
And that is exactly what we did. 


And we shopped a little bit.
And I got some books (haul coming soon!) 

Bright and sunny March days.
As much as I love gorgeous sunny days, the idea of our upcoming summer makes me a little sad.
I am not summer person at all.
The heat and humidity is just not my cup of tea.
March in Bombay is mildish but the days are already very warm and I am already reaching for iced drinks and juices. 

Freshly baked cookies at Indigo Deli. 
So good and so soothing and fulfilling.
2 peanut butter and 2 chock-chip cookies. 

Came across these gorgeous editions at Crossword Bookstore yesterday and I was utterly charmed and wanted all of these books. 
But on occasion I can show some restrain and keep from buying books willy nilly. 
So I got three. They were on a buy 2 get one free deal in any case and I already own most of these titles! 

Some bright colours I wore yesterday. 
Spring and summer just makes me want to reach for brighter clothes. 
And the heat makes Indian clothes an obvious choice.  

The best thing about March so far (I know it's been 2 days!) has been this beauty! 
My wonderful sister, very kindly got me the Fossil Sydney Satchel!!!!! It's my proper birthday gift and I couldn't be happier and I couldn't love it more! 
I love satchels.
It's a problem.
And this bag has been on my mental wish list and radar for ages. I can't tell you how many What's in Bag videos featuring this bag I've seen on Youtube.
I have loved it from afar for a while and I am SO HAPPY to have it. 

I have already moved into it and love it. 
Though she's tiny, she fits everything I need wonderfully well. 

Today, I am trying to make a monthly TBR for March. 
I've been reading sans TBR for the last 4 months. 
And it's been nice.
But I want to make a little list and give some thought to my reading for the upcoming month. 

I am currently reading this book called The Sudden Departure of the Frasers by Louise Candlish on my Kindle and it's fun and fast paced.
I am also a little sick and coming down with a fever.
:( So reading in bed and plenty of fluids are in order. 


Hope you are having a great day. 


Have a wonderful month of March.

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