Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Project 365 2016: Week 9.


And sorry this post is a little late. 
Last week I was a little down and out, health wise, and couldn't sit down and edit pictures and have this post lined up in time.
I am loads better now and it's time to look back on Week 9. 

Let's jump right in...

Day 57 of 366: Lemon Tart and Reading.
I was reading Don't Let Him Know by Sandip Roy and loving it and this Lemon Tart was out of this world good!
So yummy!

Day 58 of 366: Fuller House. This day was all about binge watching this reboot of the classic Full House.
I quite like it.
Funny. Sweet and it's just so nice to re-visit with members of the Tanner family.
From the new bunch of characters...I think baby Tommy is so cute. And I love, love, love the middle boy Max. He is adorable.
I've seen upto episode 8 and I want to watch the remaining episodes soon too.

Day 59 of 366: My sister's much loved and much used paints.
These are the Koi Sakura paints that fit in her pencil bag and the on the go paint brushed she uses.
I was taking pictures of my sister's What's in my Pencil Bag, a post that I plan to get up this Sunday for Stationery Sunday. So look out for that one.

Day 60 of 366: Woke up at the crack of dawn for the Oscars which were the most unfunny ceremony I've ever seen. But Leo won, so all is good!
Also painted my nails a happy colour.
Baby blue with a confetti top coat on top called Star Struck.
I loved how this nail paint combo turned out. Even thought it took a lot of effort to take it off!

Day 61 of 366: Hello March!
March 1st is my Maa's birthday and since she was not in the same city as me, I went out and had a little celebration on my own.
Ate some cake.
Did a spot of shopping.
Got my Sydney Satchel :)
It was a very good day.

Day 62 of 366: My make-up choices and favourites of the moment.
The L'oreal Paris La Pallette Nude in Beige and the Infallible Foundation.
The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
An old favourite a Bourjois Paris blush in the shade Rose Eclat.

Day 63 of 366: I started to fall sick on this day, but I still think this gorgeous sunny day was such a gift.
My living room window situation...soothing spring curtains and a line of birds and greenery outside.
Spring is so pretty in all her glorious colours and patterns and prints.


See you again soon with more of my life captured in 7 images.

Have a good week guys :)

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