Monday, 28 March 2016

Stationery Sunday: FabIndia Stationery Haul.


Happy Easter folks. 

Hope you had a good day today. 

I had a lovely Sunday..naps, seeing India win it's match against Australia and eating some delicious food. And I started reading an Ashapurna Debi book called Matchbox which I love so far. 

For today's Stationery Sunday I want to share some of my newest stationery picks from Fabindia. 
I love Fabindia.
I might love it a little too much.
I am one of those girls..the kind that wears a lot of Fabindia and handloom and handcrafted things in general. 
Apart from the clothes. I also love the skincare and haircare products from Fabindia and I highly recommend those. 
I've also bought some beautiful jewellery from Fabindia too. 
In short there is very little I haven't sampled from this favourite store of mine. 

Their stationery is also sublime. 
Prints and colours and charming illustrations. 
All things I love. 

I recently picked up these two notebooks from them and a bird magnetic bookmark. 
I love all of these. 
I have bought magnetic bookmarks from them in the last year, ones with darling illustrations inspired by the Jaipur Palace. Love them. 

Next time you are in Fabindia, do make sure to give their stationery corner a looksie, I guarantee you won't regret it one bit. 


Have a lovely week ahead friends. 
Can't believe it's already the last week of March! 

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