Thursday, 10 March 2016

Monthly Favourites/// February 2016!


February is my favourite month.
It's my birthday month which to me signals a month long celebration spree. 
This February was a lovely little month.

There was celebration. 
Turning older.
Buying books after nearly 2 months of no books.
Reading slowly but intently.
Going out.
And just being Happy. 

I can't wait to see you again February. 

Let's see some of my favourite things from my favourite month...

1. Birthday Joys//// Obviously the favourite thing about the month was my birthday. I got this beautiful handcrafted marble Ganesh murti from my cousin brother in a gift parcel. I love it. He is so beautiful and goes perfectly well in my house. 
I also got gorgeous flowers from him..

2. Pink Blooms/// I am so in love with these flowers. 
These poor dears arrived a little bruised and a little dried out. I was out all day and these were delivered to my neighbours. Poor things looked so dead.
But a lot of TLC..mainly putting them in sugar water and trimming the stems meant I made them live for nearly 10 days. 
I love when my green thumb works wonders. 

3. Sephora Mumbai/// Finally my city gets it's own Sephora. 
I've been there twice and I intend to always show some self-control and not go crazy. 
I am especially in love with the Sephora brand lipsticks and I look forward to finally trying some Stila products. 
Also I am sooooo happy to have access to Burts Bees and Soap & Glory. 

4. Dainty Silver Rings/// I have worn these rings on repeat ever since I got them in the beginning of the month. 
A turquoise ring and a chalcedony ring. 
SO in love with both of these. 
I got them from Amber on Colaba Causeway which is an old and beloved favourite of mine. 

5. Favourite Bag/// I love this tartan, super-soft satchel from Accessorize that I carried on my birthday. Soft as heck. Spacious and so old-school-ish love it so much. The details on it are perfect and add such a wonderful touch to the bag.
I can't wait to use it again this winter. 

6. Washi Tape/// Love these gorgeous Washi tapes we added to our collection this past month. Floral and so wonderful. 

7. Favourite Beauty/skincare things/// Soap and Glory makes some divine smelling concoctions. I have been a fan for a while. Hand Food, their amazing hand cream is an old favourite.
This month I picked up these two new things to try and I love them both. 
The Clean Girls Shower Cream/ Body Wash is lovely. It cleans and it moisturises my skin, something I really needed in the dry month of February. I am very lazy when it comes to using body lotion, so if I can find something I can use in the shower that eliminates the need for a lotion, I am sold! This shower cream does just that. It keeps my skin hydrated and I don't really need lotion afterwards. And it smells amazing! :)) 

The Srub 'em and Leave 'em Body Buff or scrub is also lovely. Gentle enough and leaves my skin feeling as good as new. Also it smells great. And it's making my skin feel all kinds of wonderful. 

These are all the things I've loved in February. 
I also loved cooking at home.
Getting my home ready for Spring.
Being happy. 

It was a good month. 
I bought 13 new books.
I re-read 2 old books.
Read 8 books in total...not a lot by my standards but still good enough. 

I'll see at the end of the month with all the things I loved in March. 


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