Monday, 21 March 2016

Stationery Sunday: Some Favourites & Pages.


And a Happy Sunday...well almost over but still. 

Sundays are for resting. 
For rejuvenation and for chores. 
Oh! So many chores. 

My Sunday included some small joys..

Reading in bed all day long- On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan which I am immensely enjoying. And which I need to finish soon. It's only 127 pages long but I've been reading it since Friday. 

Cooking Spaghetti Bolognese. 

Drinking Iced-Lemonade. 

Talking to my Maa about many things. 

Oiling my hair and trying to infuse some care into my mane. 

Watching TV. 

And just being relaxed and happy. 

For this week's Stationery Sunday I want to talk about some of my favourites from recent days. 

1. Two of our favourites Fauxdoris in the Traveler's Notebook size. In a gorgeous tan and a bright red. Also pictured, here are our beautiful floral ink pen and Washi Tape. 
The notebooks on the left is from Naked Cow and the one on the right is from Taroko Shop. Both on Etsy. 
The pen is a gift from a friend. 
And the Washi Tape is from an Etsy seller. 

2. Pages from my journal from when I was making my Birthday Week To-Do List.
Decorated with some Washi Tape bits and look at the beautiful Crown Pen which is a kind gift from our friend RV. 
I have recently ordered some of these pens for myself, will do a haul when they finally arrive in the mail! 
Cute pens just make life better. 

3. Planner Pages: I can't tell you how much I love my Kikkik Cute Planner (that's it's name!) I am really enjoyed being back in a ring planner after nearly 6 years of planning in other mediums. 
These cute pages came in a Happie Scrappie Monster Kit that we got sometime last year and the little notepad- which I use to make weekly To-Do lists and the pen are both from Kikkik. 

4. Hobonichi Techo A6: This beauty belongs to my sister and she is loving it.
She loves the size and she fills it up with doodles and art and musings.
Last year, both me and my sister used the Hobonichi Techo in the Cousin, A5 size. I really liked it but sometimes the page felt very big and overwhelming to fill up. 
This year I skipped the Hobonichi and made my planner peace with my Kikkik Planner, Frankie Journal and some Fauxdoris. 

5. Fauxdoris: While my sister is a fan of leather fauxdoris, I am very partial to cloth doris. I love the beautiful prints. The vivid colours. And the soft and squishy feel of them. :) 
The first two doris from left are from Lyra and Co, one of my favourite places to get cloth doris and the bird one is from Planner Candee by Dixie Plans. 


Have a good week ahead folks. 

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