Wednesday, 9 March 2016

To-Be-Read-List: March 2016.


I haven't made, rather shared a TBR list on this blog since October of 2015!

I was free-reading for the last few months and it felt good.
Once I finished a current read I would just stare at my bookshelves and pick out my next read.
Sometimes, I did make a rudimentary TBR in my Book Journal but I made it with no real intention of sticking to it. So I didn't feel like sharing it on the blog. 
But starting this month I kinda want to get back in the routine of making a TBR at the beginning of the month and seeing it through. 
I know today is the 9th and this post is kindaaa late but hey this is how I roll! 

I have already read a few books on my list and I am happy to report  that I am sticking to my list quite well. 

Let's see the books I want to read this month...

1. The Sudden Departure of the Frasers by Louisa Candlish--- read and reviewed. 

2. Gumrah by Ira Trivedi---read and didn't like it. The writing was sloppy and there were so many editorial mistakes. Gah! Awful! 

3. Ships that Pass by Shashi Deshpande---also read and enjoyed quite a bit. This was a novella about marriage and love and how no one really knows what goes on in a marriage. I might do a proper review later. 

4. Daughters by Bharati Ray---currently reading this and quite enjoying it. This is my non-fiction read for the month and this was the book I started reading on the occasion of International Women's Day. 

5. On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. 

6. Breakfast at Tiffany's & Other Stories by Truman Re-Read for the month. This happens to be one of my favourite books and I am so happy to dive back into it. 

7. The Grass Harp by Truman Capote 

8. Matchbox by Ashapura Devi-- a prolific Bengali writer, I am so happy to have found a translated version of her work. She comes highly, highly recommended by several of my aunts and both my parents. 

9. Strangers on the Roof by Rajendra Yadav--- An Indian Modern Classic. I am happy to read it. This is translated from Hindi. 

10. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. 

These are the books for now. 

If I stick to these, great!
If I stray, that's fine too. 

See, I am trying to be a little less caught up with rules and lists.
It's nice to have a guideline and a list if I need it but if I feel like reading something else entirely...I am more than happy to succumb to those feelings.
Reading should be fun and joyful above all else. 

Have a lovely reading month! 


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