Sunday, 22 April 2018

Stationery Sunday/// Bullet Journal Set-Up for February 2018.


Today I want to share my February Bujo Set-Up. 
February being my birthday month I went all out in decorating my Bujo. 
I used this beautiful traveller's notebook that my sister got me in December in my birthstone colour- Amethyst/ Purple. 
I love this traveller's notebook, it is so well-made and was a delight to use. I loved it so much I ended up using it for March as well. 

The traveller's notebook comes with front wrapping pocket which is super convenient in storing bits for your daily planning needs. I used it for storing these mini highlighters which might be the cutest things in the world and they are very useful and handy. 

Look at the gorgeous colours. 

I used these inserts from Kikkik which I love so much. 
They are cute of course but I love the size and paper quality as well. 

I used diecuts from The Planner Society Kit. 
And I went all out. 
I loved how adorable my cover turned out. 

My front page looking pretty as well. 

Now some pages. 

An extra insert for general list making and idea dumping. 

I really, really loved how my Bujo turned out in February. 
It was all things I love- pink, floral, whimsy and happy. 


Traveller's Notebook- Cristina's Leather (Facebook Shop
Inserts- Kikki K 
Highlighters and Pen- Wish App
Diecuts- The Planner Society 
Stickers- Ali Express + Planner Society 

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