Friday, 13 April 2018

Stationery Love/// A New Journal Set-Up.


I recently finished up my quarterly journal for the year and it was time to choose and set-up my journal for the next few months. 
I do have a tiny daily journal where I write a page a day and I am loving that I have managed to keep up with that.
These journals are for my more lengthly journal entires. Where I don't necessarily write about my day to day life, here I tend to mull over things and talk about my feelings. I also use this to document some bits and and souvenirs. For instance, I tend to stick tags from new clothes and bags and even bookmarks. 
I have had one of these sorts of journals for over a decade now and I love re-visiting old memories and see the things I felt and did. 

The journal itself is from Artchetype that I got a while back but hadn't used! 
So I felt it was high time I got around to using it. 

Decorated the front page with diecuts and stickers and some sticky notes. 
Most of which is from my various Planner Society Kits. 

I love how lovely everything looks! 
I kept the theme spring-summer. 
So loads of flowers and floral motifs. 

Decorated my April page to get my journaling started. 

For my page decor I want to keep things minimal and springy as well. 

More flowers and more blooms. 

I am so happy with how things turned up. I can't wait to fill up my journal with all sorts of things. 

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