Sunday, 1 April 2018

Hello, April! + Stationery Sunday: First Impressions of my Small Delfonics Pouch

Hello, April! 

I hope it's a gentle summer! 
I hope you are full of delicious mangoes!

I hope you usher in my favourite Gulmohar blooms! 

April is Bengali New Year and in honour of that I will, mostly, be reading books by Bengali authors and re-watch some of my old favourite Bengali movies. So, look for some book and movie recommendations from me this month! 

Sneak Peak: Delfonics Small Pouch 

I have wanted one of these Delfonics pouches ever since I saw them somewhere on Instagram! They are, originally, meant to be used as a purse organiser, but I plan to use them to cart around my Passport sized Traveler's Notebook and all my assorted supplies- washi tapes, stickers, pens and such like. 

The buttons and pins are just things I had lying around at home:
(Left to Right)

Indian Spices: From Filter Shop, Kala Ghoda
Owl: Boy Girl Party on Etsy
Yellow Converse 'Wander': Asilda Store 
Flower: Accessorize
Girl Button: La Dolce Vita 

So far, this is what the outside looks like. There are 5 pockets outside. 
From Left to Right: Two pockets in the front and 1 Pen Loop and two more pockets at the back. 

I have prettied it up with some buttons and pins and I have tucked in some pens that I use on a daily basis:
1. Kaweco Perkeo Fine Ink Pen 
2. Zebra Sarasa in Brown Grey 
3. A Uni Pin 0.2 Pigment Fineliner for drawing 
4. A 'key' gel pen 
5. A cute lime green gel pen 

This is what the back looks like- two small pockets and one large pocket, where I keep sticker sheets. 

These pin on the left is from Etsy and the cute birdie is from Lifestyle. 

Inside the pouch is, like I mentioned earlier, my Camel Passport Sized Traveler's Notebook. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Happy Easter (to everyone who celebrates it)! 

Have a great week ahead, guys! 

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