Monday, 2 April 2018

Book Review: What Kitty Did by Trisha Bora

Book: What Kitty Did

Author: Trisha Bora

Pages: 312

Read: Paperback (pictured above)

Read in: 3.5 hours

Plot Summary: Kitty Roy has more troubles than she can count on her fingers. Her love life is wonky, her paycheck is shit. She has badly behaved hair and struggles with a sugar addiction. To top it off, her pushy mother has set her up with a gorgeous but stuck-up guy who is sending her mixed signals. 

When a diplomat's celebrity wife, Roxy Merchant, falls dead during dinner at their posh central Delhi bungalow, Kitty's boss gives her a chance to write a profile piece and the hint of a promotion. 

As she works on her article, Kitty realizes there's more to Roxy Merchant's death. She's on to something big, and it can, perhaps, change her current life forever. But Kitty also has a knack for bungling things up majorly. 

Set in the winter of her discontent, What Kitty Did is an irresistible caper zipping through the streets of Delhi.

Things I Liked:

  • What Kitty Did is a hilarious book! It has several laugh-out-loud moments and I love when books can make you do that! 
  • This book is, basically, some kind of a Bridget Jones meets Agatha Christie in some sense. A fun combination if you enjoy "chick lit" (rolls eyes) with a side of crime! It tells the story of Ketaki Roy aka Kitty- 20 something, bored journalist with a fashion magazine, living a crazy life in Delhi. You get to meet her best friends, her weird colleagues, her hook-ups and, in general, the people in and around her life. 
  • I really like Kitty- she is lost, has the worst luck with men, loves dessert, loves to bake and often ends up in disastrous situations of her own making. She is unassuming and self-deprecating and I loved her 'voice' in the book. 
  • Kitty's friendships with Adi, Naz, Rima and Reza are a big part of the book and I loved reading about them and their conversations and escapades. Friends are such a big, solid part of our lives and in our concrete jungles, friends are family! So, reading about their lives was a lot of fun! 
  • There is also a little bit of romance thrown in with a hot guy, which is always nice. Though, I wish there was more of Kitty and Kabir in the book. 
  • Kitty's parents are adorable! Her mom is this free spirit movie director and her dad is an absent-minded professor. They're divorced but still on very friendly terms. I liked Kitty's relationship with them and their support of her at a crucial juncture in her life. 
  • The mystery/ crime that the book partially focuses on is also quite interesting. It is the mysterious death of a rich socialite in her own home surrounded by her closest friends and family. I like how this murder mystery was dealt with in the book- in a very realistic way that a non-detective would deal with a case like this. Yes, Kitty does investigate in her own way, but her investigations are limited to what a non-detective can do- ask some questions, make inferences, connect the dots- which worked well for this book. 
Rating: 4.5/5 
This is a really fun book. It has girl bonding, some romance, a murder mystery and lots of talk about dessert! A totally fun, quick read! 

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