Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Vignettes/// A Few Darling Things- Home + Sunset + Quirky Jewellery.

1. Cute Corners of Home. 

2. Picture perfect sunsets. This is at Calcutta Airport. 

3. Flowers, Roses blooming in my upstairs neighbour's home. 

4. Gorgeous silver earrings from QuirkSmith that my dearest friend M sent me for my birthday. I love them so much! 
They are utterly beautiful and so me! 

5. A Kolam inspired necklace from Jewels of Sayuri. 
My sister bought this out of her love of kolam designs. 
One of the things I miss about living in Bangalore is seeing the difference kinds of Kolam outside my neighbour's homes. This necklace is simply gorgeous, apart from the Kolam, it had these beautiful cloth covered beads. How unique! 
It even came with matching earrings. 

6. More jewellery. This adorable quote pendant from The Bookish Pandora is so incredibly whimsy. Plus love the quote. 

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