Saturday, 21 March 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 11.

Sorry this post is a whole two days late, I am recovering from a bad bout of food poisoning. All of Thursday was pure agony and I was in no shape to get  a post up. 

I spent all of yesterday and today recuperating and taking it easy. 

Most of this last week was spent drooling over delicious new stationery we got in the mail from Kikkik (haul coming soon!) and also ordering some books online. I also cooked a few treats and hid from the harsh summer sun. 

A good week...barring the food poisoning. I also managed to read some really nice books (reviews coming soon!). So it was a very good week overall. 

Let's see my week in pictures. 

Day 71: A hot summer day is made better by cold iced drinks. This pink delightful concoction is a mix of Strawberry crush + lemon soda and oodles of ice! So delicious!

Day 72:  Owls. If you know me at all you know that I have a slight/massive obsession with owls. These Meenakari owls are so darn pretty. I love them. They make this corner of my home so much happier.

Day 73: Early mornings at home. I absolutely love, love, love the light that streams in my living room in the mornings. It brightens up the whole space and warms my heart. 

Day 74: Yay!!! A gorgeous little package arrived in the mail from Kikkik. Full of goodies. This confetti covered package holds a pink leather notebook cover. So pretty. Like I said, a proper stationery haul is coming soon. 


Day 75: A sneak peak at the stationery haul, darlinggggggest of Fox babies. These are page-markers that I am currently using in my Hobonichi Techo (my daily planner) and they look so adorable! The pink one is mine and the blue one is my sister's. 

 Day 76:  A simple home-cooked meal. Pasta with tomatoes, bell-peppers and peas with a healthy does of Parmesan. Simple but tasty. 

Day 77: I spent the evening of this day sorting through my bracelets. I did a bit of Spring Edit and moved some pieces I had worn a lot and brought the pieces I had ignored to the forefront and hope to get more use out of them. This vintage-y looking box holds my much worn but much loved pieces. The box itself is from a shop called Marry-Me Store in Bandra. Love the look of this box and it holds quite bit. 

So this was my week. See you again next week. 

Hope you guys had a nice week too! 

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