Thursday, 5 March 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 9.

This week another one of celebration. My mother's birthday. Plus the anticipation of Holi. We spent my mother's birthday with family and giggles and laughs and loads of yummy cake. 

This is my last week of my holiday here in the hometown. :( So I tried having the best possible week. I spent most of my time with my parents and my aunt and cousins. I tried to savour my last few days of vacation. I sat on my terrace. Saw the days unfold. I'll miss my time here. Miss my folks. Miss the quiet lazy days. The gentle breeze. The clear blue skies. :) 

I love Bombay..and I love my life there...but I miss here.. a lot. 

Here is my week in pictures. 

Day 57: Coffee and snacks party at an aunt's place. Spotted this darlingggggg little chair and table set.  It's so cute. It belonged to an great-grand-aunt and very, very old. So charming!

Day 58: Wore my Arty sweatshirt as the weather finally got warm enough to merit wearing a simple sweatshirt and not bundle-up in a bunch of sweaters. I've had this Zara sweatshirt for over a year and it lay unworn for ages! 

Day 59: Wore this sun pendant on a cold day. As I've said, I love this style of jewellery. 
Day 60: Back home after hanging out with my cousins and choto pishi (aunt/father's younger sister). A classic #fromwhereIstand picture. 

Day 61: A super bright sunny day. Clear blue skies for miles. A welcome change after a few days of rains and grey skies. 

Day 62: Through the window. My uncle (dad's first cousin), who lives right next door (basically all of our niehgbour's here are family. We live on a compound where the families of my grand-father's six brothers live, so it's family time all the time) opened all his windows to air out his house...a good thing. Only a Civet Cat/ bhaam got in and made a righteous mess. The house is now a bit of stinky mess. :( 

Day 63: More blue skies and flowers in bloom. Another uncle (dad's other first cousin) has flowers in bloom on his roof. 

Hope you had a wonderful week. 

See you next week. :)

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