Thursday, 26 March 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 12.

This week started on a bleak note. I was down with food poisoning and was in a world of pain. So those two days quite honestly were not really documented. But once I started feeling better this week turned around. This was a happy week, since I had been a little sick, I felt a little self-indulgent and wanted to treat myself to a little something something...quite a few somethings if I am being honest. 

So some online and real life shopping happened. Stay tuned for book hauls :) 

Let's see what else I got up to this week. 

Day 78: A day of being sick often requires positive thinking and positive messages. Thankfully my walls at home are full of happy thoughts and positive reminders. 

Day 79: Snacking for a sick girl. A bowl of goodness. Raspberries and blackberries. So delicious. I even bakes a three berry tart (I just might do a recipe post!) So good, I love eating fruits and it's been my goal to include more fresh and seasonal fruit in my diet. 

Day 80: Bag love. Love the colourful patch on my handbag. Such a gorgeous pop of bright colour. Posed next to my sister's classic leather tote from Fossil. 

Day 81: Rings and nailpaint. The turquoise ring is something I wear every single day and love it, it's from Accessorize. The big blue lapis lazuli ring is from a silver shop in Bangalore and I adore it. 

Day 82: One of most loved meals...a green beans, mushroom, celery and lettuce salad from Moshe's. Love love love this. So fresh and light and delicious. I really want to attempt to replicate this at home...I must give it a try. 

Day 83: Chocolate chip pancakes. Once again at Moshe's. Sister had a meeting and I had some time to kill. So I grabbed a book and had a coffee and pancake at Moshe's. The pancakes are yummy and drenched in Maple syrup and Honey and served with a Kiwi preserve. 

Day 84: A long day that ended with iced-lemonade in a darling little cup. A good way to end a hot summer day. Bombay reached 40 degrees Celsius, the hottest March day in 10 years and boy it was HOT! Iced drinks were a necessity. 

Hope you had a nice week too. 

See you again next week. 

P.S.: I am so heart-broken over India losing in the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup. So disappointing. Gah! I will now cheer for New Zealand. Go black caps!!!

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