Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday Favourites: Memories

 Hello! Hello! This is Pooja's sister here. You can call me Dee. 
Pooja is extremely unwell and so, I am here with some of my favourites this wonderful Friday evening. Pooja says she will be back with her 365 Days post and book reviews tomorrow. Ta!


 This is a plate full of culinary magic! It's guava + mustard + pickled carrot + fresh mint + fresh coriander + spicy green chilly. It is DELICIOUS!!!!

The Orange Trumpet Vine is one my favourite flowers that I discovered this trip back home. Love how cute and colourful they are! 

The Teesta (river), Himalayas and loads of mist! These were a few lovely, cold days spent on a mini-weekend break. 

Pooja on Valentine's Day. I love this outfit that she put together! :) 

I love coral. Especially, coral and turquoise together. I really love this coral pendant and all the intricate silver work around it. 

There is a place on the www, which is a total den of temptation. It's called Kikki K! :) I love all their stationery and this mint planner with gold hexagonal details is just so DREAMY! It is my favourite of all planners I have ever owned! :)

Have a lovely weekend, y'all! :) 

See you soon with more bookish stuff! 

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