Monday, 9 March 2015

Monthly Favourites//// January and February 2015.

Starting this year I wanted to do some monthly favourites on the blog. I thought it would be a good way to show and tell the things I've been loving in a given month. They could be book related/life related/ TV shows and other random loves of mine. 

Then I went off for two months and kinda forgot about my intention of doing a monthly faves. 

So I bring you a combined favourites post. Combining my favourites from the first two months of the year. 

Most of the things I loved these last months are Travel related. And most of them are places and feelings about said places. Normally, I'd include a book favourite but to be honest nothing I read in the last two months really stands out in my mind. I didn't read terrible books or anything like that, it's just that reading wasn't a priority while I was away. 

So here are my January and February Favourites... 

1. What are these flowers? When I first spotted them, I thought they had to be fake. Pretty but fake. Then BAM I spotted them in bloom all over the place. So freaking pretty. Love them. Want them. Need to find out what they are called. :)

 2. Foggy nights. And late night strolls. Post-dinner walks are some of my favourite things ever. The world is winding down and the roads are clear and the sky is, if you're lucky, moonlit

3. This place. This was where my mum's grandfather spent most of his time, while he ran his tea-garden. This place was my mother's favourite place as a child. A place she often talked about and always spoke of fondly. I had never laid eyes on it and this time, we drove down to see it. It was a simple place. Right by a pond and a Shiv temple. Later the grand bungalow was built. That bungalow I've never seen either. The property was sold in the early 1990s and I have only ever heard of it. But this simple little house is where it all began. And I am glad we got to see it :) 

4. Country roads. Open roads that lead to beautiful places. I loved the long drives we took and places we saw and the food we ate. Seriously, there is nothing better than travel. 

5. Flowers. I have gone on and on and on about my love for flowers. I just loved seeing so many flowers in bloom! 

6. I love this pencil case of mine. So pretty and full of cats and birds and flowers! :) 

7. Misthi/Mithai/Sweets: Finally, my ultimate favourite for the last two months have been Bengali Sweets. I don't have a massive love for sweets but boy oh boy! Bengali sweets are something else. I especially love Roshogollas and Chom-Choms and Kheer-Kodoms. Ah! how I miss these sweet treats! 

These are most of the things I've been loving lately! 

See you next month with my March Favourites.

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