Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weekend Reads/// Set 1.


And Happy Sunday Folks. 

My Sunday this week consists of reading (as usual) and of helping my sister organise her very unruly closet. Yay! If you didn't know, know now that my idea of a good time usually includes a cleaning project. I am a regular Monica Gellar and cleaning to me feels a bit therapeutic. I simply love it. And organising closets is like my favourite thing in the world. So be assured that my Sunday promises to be a very happy one. 

Now for the reading part---- These are my reads for this weekend. I have already finished reading the book on the left and I will be reviewing it soon enough. 

Currently, I am reading the book on the right. Another book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books. I adore this book series and can't recommend it enough. 

If I manage to finish this book I might go on to read a graphic novel or comic book...I haven't read one in ages and it's time I read one. 

Hope you are having a lovely Sunday as well. :) 

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