Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Monthly Favourites//// March 2015.


Three months of the year are already over! It goes by faster and faster every year. 

March was a good month. Even though it signaled the end of my two month holiday in my parent's hometown and stay with family, it was a nice month overall. 

It had my Maa's birthday. 
Family time. 
Two flights. 
Back to Bombay. 
Cleaning up our flat. 
Getting back to the swing of things. 
Blogging more regularly.
Being more organised. 
Cooking many meals at homes. 
Shopping--- both online and IRL. :) 
TV shows. 

All good things. 

But let's see some of the things I've being loving all month long! 

1. Pretty things from Kikkik--- the haul post is coming, I promise. I just loved everything we picked up. So cute! Just perfect! 

2. Facial Ubtan from Forest Essentials--- A cousin of ours gifted this jar of magic to us earlier in the month and we, the sister and I, have been loving it. I've used this every single day this month in the shower to wash my face and neck and I love it. It takes care of the oiliness and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. Slightly exfoliating too, but very, very mild so it's perfect for everyday use. 

I love it so much, I even bought me a new pot of this and a Rose ubtan as well. 

3. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado from Kiehl's---- This has been a favourite for a while to be honest. It's simply lovely. My eyes feel brand new the morning after. I wash my face at night and apply this all over my eye area and it's wonderful. I highly recommend it. 

4. Holi--- I am not Holi's biggest fan. I love Diwali. Lights over colour any day. But this year Holi was spent with my family in the hometown and it was rather nice. Also organic, jasmine scented aabir! What fun! 

5. Fox Tote from Chumbak--- Ah fabulous Mr. Fox! So dapper! 

6. Hart of Dixie--- Ah! March also meant saying goodbye to a show I loved. Hart of Dixie has wrapped up for good. It breaks my heart when a show about good, kind and lovable people doesn't garner enough TRPs and has to wrap-up. 

If you haven't seen this show before, well, now you can marathon all seasons at once. Set in Bluebell, this show feels like a big, warm cup of tea. Full of quirky and lovable characters and a love triangle and a super hot leading man--Hello Wade! This show is seriously nice! :) 

7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt---- Tina Fey's new show, she is the creator and writer in this show about a young woman who was kidnapped at 13 years old by a crazy pastor and held captive in an underground bunker for 15 years. She is finally free and living her life in New York City and trying to make up for lost time. A funny and light-hearted take on a serious situation. This show is just charming and funny and if you love Tina Fey's writing style and humour, you'll like Kimmy too :)

8. Soothing Mint--- A pretty top I recently got and it matched my sister's nail-paint perfectly. 
The top is from Westside. 
Nail-paint is from Inglot. 

Hope you had a nice March too and go on to have an even better April. 

These are my favourite things from March. 

What have you been loving? 

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