Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Book Haul/// Books of March 2015. Part-I.


Here we are with the first ever book haul of 2015! Wow! How did this even happen?! I last bought books on the 26th of December 2014 and only six books at that. So very unlike me. 

I wasn't on a book-buying-ban or anything like that, it was just that with travel, books buying took a backseat. Well, now that I am back home, I jumped right in with my book buying. 

I bought these books from Amazon and got great deals on them. I've already read two books out of this bunch already and I am excited to read the rest soon! 

So let's get haulin'. 

I am so happy with all my books and I am so excited to get to them eventually. 

The Strange Library- Haruki Murakami 
A love-story for my Sister- Jaishree Misra 
Smart- Kim Slater 
The French Lieutenant's Woman- John Fowles 
An English Boy in New York- T.S. Easton 
Three Act Tragedy- Agatha Christie 
A Village by the Sea- Anita Desai 
Oscar Wilde and The Ring of Death- Gyles Brandreth
Something Happened on The Way To Heaven- Sudha Murthy 

Happy Reading Guys! 

I have more books on the way and will haul them once they arrive. :)


Aathira said...

I love your blog and book reviews, Pooja. And all those pictures of books have me drooling ;) Looking forward to those book reviews.

Pooja T said...

Thank-you Aathira, reviews will up as soon as I manage to read said books. Stay tuned :)