Friday, 13 March 2015

Project 365 2015: Week 10.

This was half and half week, meaning I spend half of it in my parents hometown and half of it in my town- Bombay. It was a week of good-byes. A week of re-settling in my regular life. A week of cleaning, dusting, cooking and catching up on some sleep. A week of long flights. Good food. Holi. Family time. Of being on our own. 

An okay-ish week. Sad in parts. Satisfying in others. 

Let's see how my week panned out. 

Day 64: It was rainy, wet and cold day. The skies were grey and water puddles on the street were plenty. I spent most the day on the terrace watching the rain and soak up the cold, cold breeze. 

Day 65: This day brought sunshine and colour. It was Dol/Holi. The first day of Holi, in Bengal, it is a day of dry playing. Meaning no water. Just abeer. I got some colour on me but mostly hid out on the terrace to avoid over-enthusiastic cousins and such. My mother bought this light pink abeer/gulaal/colour that was organic and smelt like jasmine! Mind blown. 

Day 66: I began to feel the pangs of blues. My time to head back to Bombay was close and I hated that my vacation was ending. So I went around clicking pictures of pretty much every corner of the house and tried to soak up and memorise it's every detail. It was also day two of Holi, the day of not holding back. Water, colour, coloured water...everything goes. And if you are unlucky..even rotten eggs, mud and muck. Yuck! I stayed away from all things Holi related!  Also, I had a bit of a cold come on. All that soaking up the winter rain was coming back to bite in the butt. Sniffles galore.

 Day 67: Travel day. 2 flights. Over 12 hours of travel. A long, long day. Full of sadness, good-byes and the promise to come back soon. :(  There was lots of coffee. Lots of waiting at airports. Lots of traffic jams upon landing in Bombay.

Day 68: A perfect welcome back to Bombay treat. New pretties in the mail. Adore this little Fox tote from Chumbak. So pretty.  She is a belated birthday present.

Day 69: More cleaning. Sorting. Getting back on regular schedule. And cooking...rather baking this delightful spinach  casserole. So good! I am most certainly going to make this again. So delish. It had spinach, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes in a Beschemel sauce and cheddar cheese. So good!!! 

Day 70: Some days are for staying in bed all day long. I was exhausted and battling a day long cold. So I stayed put in bed and read an Agatha Christie book- Towards Zero. A perfect solution to a crummy day. 

Hope you guys had a nice week too. 

See you again next week! :)

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