Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Book Haul/// eBooks of March 2015.

March was a good book buying month. Not only did I add some delightful physical books to my real like bookshelves, I also added some ebooks to my virtual bookshelves..mainly mu Kindle bookshelves. 

I got these books on my Kindle and I am excited to get to them over the next few months. 

Three Souls-  Janie Chang..a book set in China and about the idea that we have three souls and that they need to be at peace and in harmony for us to go over to the other side once we are dead. I have heard great things about this book and I find the premise interesting. 

China Dolls- Lisa See...another author I've been meaning to read for a while. Will start wit this book and then get to her other works. 

Sweet Water- Christina Baker Kline...my sister read The Orphan Train by the same author and loved it and we decided to read something else by her. 

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August- Claire North...a man lives his life over and over and over, and finally in one lifetime, right when he is about to die he is told that he needs to save the world in his next life. Sounds great and I have heard really good things about this book. Very excited! 

The Martian- Andy Wier...I heard about this book on Book Riot and it sounded interesting. An astronaut is left behind on Mars and has to fend for himself and survive. I read a little bit of this book, like 2% and it reads really well and I am excited to get to it. I think I'll like it. Even though sci-fi isn't really my jam! 

Trigger Warning- Neil Gaiman...short-stories from Gaiman...I just had to! 

Vanishing Girls- Lauren Oliver....a story about sisters and their relationship. I think this is also a psychological thriller and I am intrigued.

I took a little break from my Kindle in March, after reading on it exclusively in the month of February. But I love my Kindle and the ease and convenience it brings to my reading life. 

Happy reading guys!

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