Friday, 18 May 2018

Friday Favourites: Current Read + Silver Earrings + Kalamkari Kolhapuris + Peppa Pig + Weekend Plans.

And how is this Friday treating you? 
I, unfortunately, had a slight tumble down the stairs on Tuesday and have been trying to quietly recuperate from it ever since. I am trying to stay off my feet and rest the best I can. 
My bruise is a lot better but I am still in a fair amount of pain. Nothing a little bit of rest and reading can't fix. Sadly, being an adult means you have to look after yourself and do a ton of home chores and such. So resting is not as easy as you would think. 
Don't grow up kids! It's a trap! 

Let's focus on some happy things in life shall we? 
Here are some recent favourites from my life. 

1. My Current Read//// Murder in the City by Supratim Sarkar. A collection of 12 Case Files from Kolkata Police. I am a little bit in, around 4 stories and I am really enjoying it a lot. The cases range from murder, kidnapping and I love that the book comprises of cases from 1930s, 50s and 80s. I am so happy to be reading this book. If you know me at all you'd know that I am BIG True Crime fan. So these stories are just up my alley. And since I've been raised outside of Bengal, all of these stories are all new to me. So good! 

2. These gorgeous shoes from Ajio that I snagged during their last sale. I got these for a pittance and I can't get over how gorgeous these are. So striking and so comfy. I better wear these before the rains hit us. 

3. These gorgeous earrings from Amrapali that we picked up from Jaipur. I love the little crescent motif and I love how light these earrings are. I can't abide silver jewellery that is so heavy that it nearly kills your ears! 

4. Elephant motif bedspreads. We got this beauty from Jaipur and I love it's bright colours and embroidery. 

5. Reading in bed. 
Peppa Pig of course is big favourite. 

All I want to do this weekend is stay in bed and ice my leg! 
Watch The Crown- a show I've been binge watching lately. 

Have a great weekend folks. 


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