Monday, 7 May 2018

Monday Moods: Movies Lately- Avengers Infinity War + Black Panther + Pari + The Boss Baby + Asche Abar Shabor.

Hello Monday! 

I hope this new week treats you well. 
My weekend was one long lazy and movie filled thing of joy.
Just what I needed to beat the summer heat. Even in general, my life has been full of films. Both good and great. 

So I thought I'd talk about some film favourites of mine. 

1. Avengers Infinity War: Like everyone and their second cousin I watched this film too. I in fact watched it first day first show like a true blue MCU fan that I am and I loved it. It was incredible and I can't believe we have to wait for over a year to watch the next instalment! UGH! 
I can't wait to watch it again and this time around I want to watch it in 2D. 3D just wasn't that fun given I wear glasses. It was one of my favourite movie watching experiences, with hardcore MCU fans all cheering and screaming and hooting and laughing together. So good! 

2. Black Panther: Keeping it in the MCU I finally got around to watching Black Panther and I liked it and I love what it stands for and means for so many people. But I didn't love it. It was great. But not as great as people made it out to be. I did adore the kickass women in this world and their costumes and design. So good! I enjoyed it and can't wait to see more from Wakanda. As an origin story this was pretty incredible. 

3. The Boss Baby: TBH, I had zero interest in watching this film. It sounded kinda weird. But it was TV the other day and I watched it and laughed along. Not great but entertaining enough. 

4. Pari: I watched this over the weekend via Amazon Prime and I had such high hopes. Inspite it getting mediocre reviews I still hope this would be fun. Alas! No! Instead of a pacy thriller or even a scary horror this was a slow, long winded, slightly atmospheric low-key love story at best. I will Anushka Shamra props for trying something new and doing a great job at playing this confused, sad and lost girl but other than the acting this film was a dud. I was bored out of my mind and just couldn't get caught up in the narrative. It was just too damn slow. And not scary in the least. It was gory and creepy but not scary. This is the kind of movie that doesn't scare you in the moment and it for sure isn't the kind of movie that sticks with you and scares you later. Really disappointing. I wish it had been better. 

5. Asche Abar Shabor: This is another film I watched via Amazon Prime and it's a Bengali detective film. The third instalment of the same Police Officer Shabor Dasgupta, and is immediate team solving gruesome crimes. I love the first film but the second one was not that great. This one, dealing with a serial rapist and killer was pretty good. I watched right after Pari was was hooked to the mystery, story and it's several characters- that are fairly messed up. Also this was set partly in Chandannagore and it was so beautiful and picturesque. I also really like the two other cops that help Shabor. 
This trilogy is great if like me you fancy detective stories and gripping mysteries. 

Apart from these I have been watching a bunch of movies on Netflix, mostly horror. 
I watched something called Friend Request which was scary in parts and good fun and about a unstable loner girl who goes off on a killing spree after she is unfriended by her only friend.

I also saw something called Satanic about a group of four friends on the way to Coachella who stop at LA for the weekend and all hell breaks loose when they invite a girl from a satanic cult to hang out with them. Creepy with a good twist in the end.

I also finally watched Suicide Squad and it wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem. DC is not my thing but this one was OK. Strange but OK. 

What have you been watching? 

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