Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Book Haul//// Penguin Moderns- Books of May 2018- Part-I.


May has so far been a glorious month as far as book buying goes. I've bought some books online and some from bookshops too. 

Today I want to share a very special haul. A haul entirely of these minty gorgeous Penguin Moderns! Ah! Would you just look at them? 
I had been lusting over them for a while but for some odd reason they are kinda pricey online and most of have them have a hefty delivery charge as well! No fun. So I meant to pick them up when I saw them in a bookshop in person. 
Over this weekend, I finally saw them in Wayward and Wise and bought 10 of these beauties. 
I just couldn't resist! 
I think this whole 'mini' trend in books is a good thing be. It is a quick and swift way to read some good fiction and sample a writer you mayn't tried before. Plus, let's be honest these book are adorable. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but God, just see these beauties. Plus these are great to have in your bag and on the go and at 50 bucks a pop these are pocket friendly too. A whole lot of plusses if you ask me! 

Let's see them now shall we? 

I am so kicked I finally got my hands on these beauties.


Lance by Vladimir Nabokov 
The Haunted Boy by Carson McCullers 
Letter to my Mother by Georges Simenon 
The Duke in his Domain by Truman Capote 
Piers of the Homeless Night by Jack Kerouac 
Africa's Tainted Name by Chinua Achebe 
The Finger by William S. Boroughs 
The Vigilante by John Steinbeck 
The Black Bail by Ralph Ellison 
The Custard Heart by Dorothy Parker

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