Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Book Review: The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz

Book: The Word is Murder 

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Pages: 374

Read on: Kindle 

Read in: 3-4 hours 

Plot Summary: A woman is strangled six hours after organising her own funeral. Did she know she was going to die? Did she recognise her killer?

Daniel Hawthorne, a recalcitrant detective with secrets of his own, is on the case, together with his reluctant side-kick – a man completely unaccustomed to the world of crime.
But even Hawthorne isn't prepared for the twists and turns in store – as unexpected as they are bloody.

Things I Liked:
  • This book's premise is so classically interesting! A woman in her 60s, otherwise fully healthy, plans her funeral down to the last detail and the same day, six hours later, is murdered in her own home! Coincidence? Or did she have some kind of premonition? Interesting, right? 
  • The book is well written, but then that is a given when you read Anthony Horowitz! He is an excellent writer and a very good crime writer at that. The book's pace never drops, no chapter or paragraph is wasted and the red herrings are very nicely done as well.
  • There is an amazing meta twist in this book. Anthony Horowitz has placed himself in the book as Hawthorne- the cop's- sidekick! So, there are several delicious real-life aspects of Horowitz's work thrown in there as well, such as his involvement with the now-shelved Tintin movies or the pre-launch situation of The House of Silk. Was fun to read about his other projects and to learn a bit about his process as a mystery writer. 
  • I like the way this case was investigated- leads chased down, interviews with suspects and so on. It was "real" enough to be true crime but interestingly told in a manner befitting crime fiction. Perfect balance! 
  • The red herring was fantastic! But as also was the actual reveal of the killer and their motive! (Don't want to say anymore and spoil the book!) 

Rating: 4.5/5 
Highly recommend!!! 

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