Thursday, 10 May 2018

Whimsy Wear: Jewellery Haul/// Silver Earrings from Aham.


Today I want to share some recent silver loves. I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, since we, mainly my sister has been in love with all things Aham for a while now. Well, since March! We ordered one pair of earrings from the brand after seeing their gorgeous designs for months. TBH, we were both a little hesitant ordering silver from any Instagram shop. What if it wasn't real silver? OR what if the finishing or details weren't good enough? But we decided to shush our doubts and give Aham a go. 

Woh din tha aur aaj ka din hai!
We haven't looked back!
We have 6 pairs of earrings from them and they are each stunning! And of course, pure silver and completely worth it. 

Here are 3 of the earliest beauties we ordered from Aham. 

Aham sends their silver beautifully packed in a paper box and then each item in tiny pouches. 

This gorgeous earring is from their Rang Mahal collection. We had looked high and low to find jewellery with this motif and style but all of our silver shops in Mumbai were perpetually sold out. 
We ordered the red since it's my sister's favourite colour and super vibrant and more likely to go with a number of things. 

Next up, we have a somewhat classic design, slightly old school and therefore will be a classic piece in our silver collection. 

A bali with garnet. 
We fell in love with this earring. 

We love that Aham has unique designs and they are always upfront about the percentage of silver in the earrings- some vintage or tribal jewellery are made of 70-80% silver and that's totally normal. Also, we find that their pricing is fair, which is saying something as a lot of Instagram brands are way, way over-priced. 

You can order by sending a DM to Aham's Instagram account and Pooja, the owner, will reply to you and you can take it from there. 

So, yeah, check them out if you are in the market for interesting silver jewellery. 

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