Monday, 28 May 2018

Monday Moods: I am Back + What I've Been Reading! (Mini Book Reviews)


Long time no blog post. 
I decided to take a little break from blogging this past week. Mainly to just have a bit of a break. My sister was travelling and I spent last week alone at home and I decided to spend it reading a lot, cooking but mostly just chilling out. 
And I did just that. I also intended to write a lot but what do you writing whatsoever happened! 
I am not beating myself up because last week was a lazy, full of reading wonder. I regret nothing. I did mull over some writing but spent most of my time alone just being happy and reading! 
My idea of a summer vacation! 

This week it is back to work. 
Back to blogging. 
Back to real life. 

For now let's see glimpses of my week alone and some of what I read! 

This is me all of this last week. 

I read 3 books last week. 

Two by Gulzar: A novella set a little before, during and long after the partition. It was short and poignant and showed many sides and the long lasting effects of the partition. I will say, it did take me a little time to get into the story, like around 20-25 pages but once I got to that point the people and the place and the atmosphere was wholly engaging and moving. 

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon: A book that everyone and their mother has read. And I had heard so much about. I finally bought it earlier in the year and I read it this week and really loved it. I will say though I am so surprised that no one, not one single review talks about the little (massive) twist in the end. Wow! I did see it coming and I told myself, "If it's not what I think it is..I will be disappointed!" I wasn't! 
I really enjoyed this book and it's people and even the romance. 

A Murder in Malabar Hills by Sujata Massey: This one I am currently reading. I am half way through   and I am loving it. It is set in 1921 Bombay and about Bombay's first female solicitor who gets involved in solving a murder while helping with a deceased client's will. 
I am so happy spending time with this book. It's so good! I want to just down and binge read it all at once. I will come back with a review. But I do love it so much already and I highly recommend it. 

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur: I also finally read this collection of poetry and I have to say..I was so  right in not reading in all this time. So much of it is just disjointed thoughts and random musings you'd find in anyone's journal.  It is not even really poetry. Some of it is moving and poignant, the section on abuse and rape is very powerful but poetry and writing about these topics often is. The rest of it was very blah. Too try hard and just not special enough. 

The happiest mail for this past week. 
A satchel I've wanted for so long. 
Meet Sera from Hyde Studio. 
She was and is love at first sight! 
I can't wait to use it and I better get to it before the rains. 

Squad Goals for life! 
My plushie friends! 

This was my week in a nutshell. 

I will be back with more bookish posts all through this week! 
And I have 2 months of reading wrap-up posts to do! I better get on that. 

Have a great week ahead folks. 

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